The superb Product Launch 2021

You know that we miss you and we can’t wait to meet and interact with you again.

We are super excited for our product launch in January when Scapa The Dream Tour 2021 starts! A tour where you can participate in several different ways and we will trigger your senses – sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell. Besides giving you a great show we will also explain why sustainability is a badass survival thing.

So stay tuned!

Greetings, love and hope from Scapa

– a badass
survival thing

Sustainability, to us it is more than some eco friendly, environmental mumbojumbo. It is the essence of The Dream Company. The Dream Company is our promise of a sustainable world, today and tomorrow for ALL of us. That means that everything we do needs to be sustainable to continue living on this planet. We need to revise our way of living, consuming, producing and making businesses. That is why we see it as a badass survival strategy.

Our strategy is in line with the UN global goals and covers the three dimensions of sustainable development; economic, social and environmental.

Sustainable products

Today we offer several products that are Nordic Swan Eco Label certified. These products meet tough requirements when it comes to raw material, environmental, health, quality and function.

Our goal is that all material we use shall fulfill the Nordic Swan Eco Label requirements as well as FSC certified wood and OEKO-TEX product class I classified textiles.

We have committed to reduce our CO2 emissions by latest 2030 to be in line with the Paris Agreement to keep the global warming below 1,5 degrees Celsius. Our targets are based on the latest climate science and validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative.

We are constantly curious to learn more as well as share what we have learned so far. Our journey for the Dream Company have started and we love if you want to join – as a customer, supplier, partner, fan, educator, team member or superstar!

Made to fit your lifestyle

Your life changes constantly. Thats why we develop and manufacture beds and sofas that will fit in your life – regardless of who you are or want to become. Our wide range of models, colours and textures gives you the possibility to reflect your personality – what is yours?