Scapa – The Dream Company

Scapa – The Dream Company

We design and manufacture beds and upholstered furnitures that fit into your life, regardless of who you are or want to become. A Dream company is a company where people grow and develop along with their task and the job becomes part of your life. When we put the people first they add the love to our products.


The people behind it all

It is the people, the Scapa team who are the core in our products, that we value the most. The Scapa teams knowledge, craftsmanship and commitment is what makes us become the Dream Company.

We believe that proud and inspired co-workers produce better products and smarter solutions to happy customers.


Once upon a time

In 1959 in the green forests of Småland, a man named Göte Carlsson got a bright idea, ”Let´s build the best furniture and make it possible for everyone to afford them.” The idea became our company Scapa and the vision is still the same.

The company is named after the Scottish navy base Scapa Flow, where Göte was placed as a volunteer in the British Army. A name filled with pride and a greater meaning to him but also a name that can be related to the Swedish word (skapa) to create. Creating is what we do and we have never been afraid of new challenges.


Scapa a part of the society

An active spare time contributes to your well being and a healthy life (Sustainable development goal no 3). That is why we support kids and youth activities in and around Alvesta.

We sponsor: Växjö Lakers, Alvesta IBK, Åby Tjureda IF, Moheda IBK, Alvesta BK, Alvesta SK, Östers IF, Växjö DFF, Alvesta GIF, Växjö Vipers, Nattvandrarna, Växjö Charity, Malmö FF (youth activities) och Musica Vitae Flygelfond.

Your life changes constantly

Made to fit your lifestyle