The sustainable development goals

Sustainability is not a trend at Scapa it is something we deeply believe in. It is a part of our core values and we have decided to work according to the UN´s global goals for Sustainable Development.

The global goals balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the environmental, social and economic. This means working for good health and well-being, climate action, clean energy, reduce inequalities as well as responsible consumption and production.

To create a better world for all of us!

Scapa focus on

In embracing the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, we have picked out six goals where we can make a difference.

A cultural change at Scapa to transform into Scapa The Dream Company where happy and healthy workers produce better products to content customers.

Our factories run on fossil free energy and we are investigating the possibility to place solar panels on our roof.

Ensure that our suppliers follows laws and regulations and fulfill Scapas requirements regarding social, economic and environmental structures.

Innovative product development where we explore different material and design solutions. Reduce freight volumes.

Working according to Nordic Eco Label and FSC standards for products and production in all new product development.

Investigating circular products and business ideas.

Measure Scapas impact on the environment from 2018/2019 towards the SDGs and set Science based targets for Scapas emissions.


Ecolabelled furnitures by Scapa

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the most recognized and renowned

environmental label in the Nordic countrys. The purpose of the label is to make it easy for consumers to find environmentally friendly products. A quality stamp that ensure that we produce furnitures that are good for the environment and for you.

We are proud to say that our furnitures are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. We now offers sustainable and environmental friendlier choices for sofas, top mattress, classic, continental and adjustable beds.

When you choose a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled furniture you are ensured that it is a better environmental choice than a non labeled furniture. The affect on the environmental is lower and the bed have been checked, meet tough requirements and have proof that they are a good choice for the environment and for you.


FSC for responsible forestry

All furniture manufactured in our factories in Lithuania are produced according to FSC’s rules (standards) for forestry and traceability. FSC MIX means that minimum 70% ot the wooden raw material comes from FSC certified sources and the rest (maximum 30%) comes from controlled sources.

We can trace the raw material  throughout our production chain and be sure that the wood comes from a responsible and environmentally adapted forestry.


Scapa and OEKO-TEX

Beds by Scapa is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, Product Class II for top mattresses and turnable mattresses with and without spring system.

Most of the fabrics used on our furniture are OEKO-TEX certified, but not all of our fabrics meet the requirements for product class I and II.